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So my brother was in Cambodia some time back and as it was kind of a once-in-a-life-time opportunity he got a bunch of gifts for upcoming holidays. This past Christmas I got a Mahjong set complete with a very nice box from him.



I like the feeling of the tiles and immediately commenced looking for a coherent set of rules online. (My game didn’t come with any. Maybe every one over there knows how to play, I don’t know.) And not the rules for the solitaire stack them and find a match. Finally found the official rules, here’s a link for those interested http://www.mahjongfederation.com/Chinese-Official-Mahjong-Rules.html

Anyway this got me to thinking, a simple tile laying game would be nice. A good set of wooden tiles and a set of simple rules. (Not at all like Mahjong, whose rules go from complicated to complex and everywhere in between) Maybe a nice small inch or inch and a half tile with an image stamped on it. A simple yet eloquent feel.


Here’s a picture of the dragon tiles, Red, Green, and White.


A closer look at the dragon on the lid.