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WP_20140506_001Noble Celts

The best way I can describe this game is by saying what is – Chess in a Circle. The players’ pieces are set up with white along the outside of the circle and black on the inside. When I first looked at the setup it looked to me that white and black surrounded and could simply move in and conquer. Not so much the case. the game has a very simple concept, move the pieces in a curve rather than a straight line. If you see in the pictures all those lines on the board are a “diagonal’ move, so to move ‘straight’ move would be to bisect those lines. Fun game, I’d play again if only to see if I can figure out the movement easier. Knights were tricky for me in this game. Usually I like the knights movement in chess, but it confused me in this game.

The game is printed on a square piece of canvas and included wooden pieces. There was a very artistic feeling to the game board and pieces. I think the thing that really jumped out at me was the artwork. You can see a little bit of it in these pictures, I now wish that I had taken more pictures of the art. Definitely inspired by Celtic artwork. A Celtic knot borders the board and the artwork in the corners adds so much to the visual aspect of the game.

Definitely liked the feel this game had.

One of the guys I play games with got his hands on a copy and we played last night. His wife picked it up for him at a thrift store. An added bonus – it is autographed by the designer/creator.


Check Mate

Check Mate

Yes this was me… Loosing the game.

Noble Celts