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I sat down the other night for a little bit of quiet time. I rediscovered a print and play that I had played a while back and thought it sounded like a good way to pass the time. So with my nuts in a bowl and good nut cracker I sat down and began…

Delve – The Dice Game


IMG_3838  The idea behind the game is you control  a band of adventures who find themselves crawling through a maze of tunnels fighting the monsters they encounter. All you need is a pencil and 6d6 (that’s six 6-sided dice for those of you who don’t know) and a printed copy of the game. I chose to use chits from Hero Scape as health markers instead of marking up the paper with a pencil.

IMG_3842The game has simple rules to learn and an equally simple mechanic. You role 6d6 up to three times. You try to get certain combinations as you roll so set aside any dice you want to keep. After you finish rolling the dice decide which adventurer’s ability you will use, but you can only use each dice one time. The Fighter hits on 6’s, the Rogue hits on 1’s or a full house, the Cleric can use straights, and the Wizard uses 3,4,5,or 6 of a kind. Once you apply any damage to the enemy you roll for them and take any damage to your party, you choose where. And so on through out the game until your group dies or you win.

IMG_3841The first monsters you face are Orcs, three of them. You can see I use the tokens instead of marking up the paper, it adds more pieces but keeps the paper board nicer. The Orcs are easy but the game gets progressively harder, but about half way though there is a Treasure Chest which is filled with all sorts of goodies. Just roll the 1 die and get your treasure – usually an item that will help you later in your quest. But beware of the Blast Glyph – roll a 6, kill an adventurer.

Delve the Dice Game. Fight your way through Orcs, Giant Spiders, Skeletons, and finally slay the Dragon; or die trying.

In my opinion a good solid solo game, simple but with enough variety to play several times before you get bored. Especially if you don’t win the first time. And what game doesn’t have an expansion? In this case The Sands of Time – a second adventure more difficult than the first. And If you master both try moving directly from the Starting Adventure to The Sands of Time without healing your party first. Just to make things interesting…

Well that’s it for me, until next time slay a Spider for me,

Running Man