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If you recall I picked up Star Fluxx during my latest outing and if you don’t you can read all about it here. —–> CLICK ME!!!

Star Fluxx is yet another variant of the basic Fluxx game. Don’t mistake that as a bad thing in this case. The game play is the same but there are some dramatic changes. From the basic game anyway. It seems that most of the Keepers have special abilities, things like steeling a card, discarding a creeper, passing that keeper from player to player, and others. For those that don’t know how to play Fluxx I have drawn a simple diagram to show you how,


It’s just that simple. Draw cards, play cards, win the game. In the example set up here I played Steel a Keeper and stole The Captain, which allowed me to win the game because I had the Starship so I met the Goal. It was quite the stroke of luck that I just happened to have the Starship, don’t you think??

But even with all that planing Creepers can throw a monkey wrench into your plans. Creepers like Brain Parasites or Malfunction. Which would easily attach themselves to your keepers (because that’s what they do in Star Fluxx)  and keep you from winning.

IMG_3862          IMG_3863

So, now we have a Captain with Brain Parasites flying a Malfunctioning Starship. That just won’t cut it. See the sad faces in the corner of the Creepers? So we need to find a way to get rid of the Creepers and fast. The easiest way to do that is to discard the Keeper it is attached to and away the Creeper goes too.

IMG_3865The whole crew is waiting for you to pick up your copy today. Or not, whatever. I must say though it is a nice twist on the already fun game. Cards with new abilities, varied action cards, and strange new keepers like The Unseen Force. Which I don’t have a picture of because it’s unseen, duh. I thoroughly enjoyed the game and would pick it up again but I already have a copy and that would be silly. Pay no attention to the 2 copies of Carcassonne behind the door.

So if you feel you are ready and think you have what it takes then go ahead and


That’s it for me, see you on the other side of the wormhole,

Running Man