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This week has been and is still crazy busy for me but for all the busyness I still found time to play some games here and there. So here’s a quick look at the games I’ve played this week. We played quite a few games of Star Fluxx – to many to tell. It was fun but I think I’m getting ready for something else.

WP_20150517_001Sunday we played Sorry with the kids. They started getting antsy after about 15 minutes so we decided to quite. I had gotten the most pawns Home so I guess I won the game. My youngest just wanted to keep knocking people off the board – he thought that was great.

I was able to do some more play testing on Frontier. Got some new ideas I will try to implement to see if they work. Also some ideas that could come in handy for any future additions to the game.

Thursday I took Crush to work and we played a round during afternoon break. A nice way to break up the monotony of work. I managed to get a Double Down during the last round and pulled ahead but another guy beat me by 100 points on his last throw. Oh well, that’s life in the world of games.

If you recall I recently, with in the past month or so, I picked up the Catan World Championship 2014 expansion. There is a little bit about it on my post From Burger to Skunk. Anyway this afternoon my wife and I got some time to play Catan with that expansion.  I like the way it plays and I plan on doing a more detailed post about it when I get the chance, probably early next week.

This weekend I will be taking a canoe trip down the river. I will post a log of the games we play out in the wild…

Until next time, keep the adventurer in you alive,

Running Man