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IMG_3896This past weekend, practically a week ago now, I took a canoe trip down the river with my brothers. We had a good time canoeing, camping, and cave crawling. Throw in some monsters and you would have a good fantasy role playing game. But we stayed well within the realms of reality on this trip.

We got to our camp site late afternoon Saturday and set up camp. The fire started with just one match, some birch bark, and the hodgepodge of dead wood we found on the ground. Supper was a delicious Stuffed Pepper Rice.

The next day we had a nice hike through the woods, hiking along a creek, heading up to the caves we had planed on visiting. Here are a couple snapshots of the creek and the area around the caves. No shots of the caves for two reasons, my camera is not the great and neither are the caves. IMG_3923IMG_3913 IMG_3914IMG_3922We did manage to play a couple small games Sunday evening. One game of Chupacabra: Survive the Night (a fun, easy to learn dice game) and two games of Palace. I didn’t win any of the games, oh well that’s life.

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Here’s a picture of supper cooking Sunday night. A Southwest Chicken Dinner I do believe. We eat good on these trips, I mean we have a canoe so why not get all fancy.

WP_20150524_007Anyway that was some of the highlights of my trip. Not too much to speak of on the gaming side of things but we kept busy and had an enjoyable time.

Until next time, try to fit games in whenever you can,

Running Man

P.S. Stuffed Pepper Rice – quite delicious.

Stuffed Pepper Rice

1 1/2 lb. burger
2 cups rice
1 green bell pepper
2 red sweet peppers
1 onion
4 cloves garlic
spices galore
25 oz. spaghetti sauce

Brown burger with diced onions, peppers and garlic; season to taste. I used garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, parsley, black pepper, fennel seeds, cumin, and salt. While burger is cooking bring 4 cups water to boil, add rice, and simmer for the allotted time or until the water is gone. I used Jasmine rice, cooked for about 15 minutes. Mix burger, sauce and rice. Heat through, serve hot. Go back for seconds and possibly thirds or have a lot for tomorrow.