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WP_20150701_001This past weekend I picked up Forbidden Island for pretty cheap at Salvation Army. Needless to say I’ve been playing it quite a bit since then. For those that don’t know: it is a cooperative game in which players race to gather four treasures and escape before the island sinks. We managed to pull it off before each time, but we were on the novice setting.  I think next game I’ll bump it up a level and see how it goes.

WP_20150630_001I also started a game of Catan last night, I didn’t get to finish but it was a good game. Playing the game got me thinking. What if you somehow combined the two games? What would that look like? How would it play? Just thinking about it off and on for the past couple days I came up with two quick thoughts:

Scenario 1 – Landmark Tiles
Each tile is named like in Forbidden Island but also has resources like Catan. In each turn players first take their normal Catan turn – roll the dice, gather resources, trade, build. Then flip a card to flood one tile. During the build phase players have the option to “shore up” any flooded tile by paying one of any resource for each tile. These tiles must be adjacent to that players settlements, cities or roads.

Scenario 2 – Flood Die
After players take their normal Catan actions (gather resources, build, etc) roll the dice again along with a third die. The third die would be a d3 with one side marked blue, if the blue side is rolled a tile is flooded. The other two dice indicates which tile gets flooded based on the number on the chit.  If there is more than 1 chit with the same number the roller chooses. If all tiles of that number are flooded then the tiles start sinking into the sea. Never to return, Mwahahaha. Anyway as before, it is the rollers choice as to which one sinks. If a seven is rolled along with the blue flood indicator nothing happens – no flooding, no robber. Ex: Player 1 rolls a 4 on the two numbered dice and blue is rolled on the flood die. Player 1 chooses which “4 chit” to flood and placed a flood marker there.

As above, during the build phase players have the option to “shore up” any flooded tile adjacent to that players settlements, cities or roads. In this scenario however the player must pay either a brick or a wood. A permanent dam may be built around a tile at a cost of 2 wood, 1 brick, and 1 ore – this prevents any flooding in the future.


I have not tried out either of these scenarios so I don’t know how well they would work. I would probably try the second one, it seems easier than naming each tile. I’ll give it a try some time and let you know how it turns out.

Until next time, no you can’t get resources from flooded areas,

Running Man