A bowl of nuts and a Dungeon Delve


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I sat down the other night for a little bit of quiet time. I rediscovered a print and play that I had played a while back and thought it sounded like a good way to pass the time. So with my nuts in a bowl and good nut cracker I sat down and began…

Delve – The Dice Game


IMG_3838  The idea behind the game is you control  a band of adventures who find themselves crawling through a maze of tunnels fighting the monsters they encounter. All you need is a pencil and 6d6 (that’s six 6-sided dice for those of you who don’t know) and a printed copy of the game. I chose to use chits from Hero Scape as health markers instead of marking up the paper with a pencil.

IMG_3842The game has simple rules to learn and an equally simple mechanic. You role 6d6 up to three times. You try to get certain combinations as you roll so set aside any dice you want to keep. After you finish rolling the dice decide which adventurer’s ability you will use, but you can only use each dice one time. The Fighter hits on 6’s, the Rogue hits on 1’s or a full house, the Cleric can use straights, and the Wizard uses 3,4,5,or 6 of a kind. Once you apply any damage to the enemy you roll for them and take any damage to your party, you choose where. And so on through out the game until your group dies or you win.

IMG_3841The first monsters you face are Orcs, three of them. You can see I use the tokens instead of marking up the paper, it adds more pieces but keeps the paper board nicer. The Orcs are easy but the game gets progressively harder, but about half way though there is a Treasure Chest which is filled with all sorts of goodies. Just roll the 1 die and get your treasure – usually an item that will help you later in your quest. But beware of the Blast Glyph – roll a 6, kill an adventurer.

Delve the Dice Game. Fight your way through Orcs, Giant Spiders, Skeletons, and finally slay the Dragon; or die trying.

In my opinion a good solid solo game, simple but with enough variety to play several times before you get bored. Especially if you don’t win the first time. And what game doesn’t have an expansion? In this case The Sands of Time – a second adventure more difficult than the first. And If you master both try moving directly from the Starting Adventure to The Sands of Time without healing your party first. Just to make things interesting…

Well that’s it for me, until next time slay a Spider for me,

Running Man


From Burger to Skunk


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This past weekend we (my wife and I) got some time to ourselves. Taking full advantage of it of course we, you guessed it, went out to eat and did some shopping. It was a very enjoyable time. After a good lettuce wrapped double burger and egg we hit the town for the limited time we had left. I got my wife a necklace, an early mother’s day gift you understand, and then we headed to the shop of my choosing. A comic book store.

IMG_3850I went not for the comics (not really my thing) but for the games. After perusing the game   selection we found a whole shelf with different versions of Fluxx. If your are just that knowledgeable or if you just googled it, Fluxx is a game of ever changing rules which comes in many different flavors. Star Fluxx looked promising and after reading the back of the box I was sold on it. I’ll be sure to post something once I get a chance to play it.

IMG_3847And of course they had dice -what comic book store would be complete with out them. Three bins full, they had them. As I sifted through them I found two d6’s that caught my eye. One with a skunk and one with a skull in place of the 1. I glanced for a second one of either of them and didn’t see one. And with the limited time we had I settled. I like them. 🙂

IMG_3843Right next to the dice was the May issue of Game Trade Magazine. It included a Limited Edition Promo Expansion for Catan – the Catan World Championship 2014 expansion. So we picked it up, again not for the magazine, but for the Catan expansion. It sounds like a fun tweak on the rules: replace the desert with one of the included tiles; replace the tile under the #2 chit with the other tile; and get the chance to not only steal a recourse when a 7 is rolled but also gain an additional one. Again I will be sure to write something about it once I play my next game of Catan. Oh yeah, for those of you who don’t know what Catan is – For Shame!!! Google it.


To end my post a throw of the new dice.


That’s… unfortunate – I don’t think any amount of modifiers will help that.

Until next time (unless I have a terrible gaming accident),

Running Man

Noble Celts


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WP_20140506_001Noble Celts

The best way I can describe this game is by saying what is – Chess in a Circle. The players’ pieces are set up with white along the outside of the circle and black on the inside. When I first looked at the setup it looked to me that white and black surrounded and could simply move in and conquer. Not so much the case. the game has a very simple concept, move the pieces in a curve rather than a straight line. If you see in the pictures all those lines on the board are a “diagonal’ move, so to move ‘straight’ move would be to bisect those lines. Fun game, I’d play again if only to see if I can figure out the movement easier. Knights were tricky for me in this game. Usually I like the knights movement in chess, but it confused me in this game.

The game is printed on a square piece of canvas and included wooden pieces. There was a very artistic feeling to the game board and pieces. I think the thing that really jumped out at me was the artwork. You can see a little bit of it in these pictures, I now wish that I had taken more pictures of the art. Definitely inspired by Celtic artwork. A Celtic knot borders the board and the artwork in the corners adds so much to the visual aspect of the game.

Definitely liked the feel this game had.

One of the guys I play games with got his hands on a copy and we played last night. His wife picked it up for him at a thrift store. An added bonus – it is autographed by the designer/creator.


Check Mate

Check Mate

Yes this was me… Loosing the game.

Noble Celts

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside


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When I saw the photo challenge for this week, a theme for pictures planted itself in my head. Here are two of the pictures I came up with. I had fun setting these scenes up and snapping the shots. A few thought provoking phrases to go along. And a question, which is more like you? Which would you rather be?

City in a Box

Life goes on in this box

Safe and secure

And yet trapped

Among Giants

Walking among giants

Paths of adventure

A life vulnerable

Live life to the fullest. No one knows how many days we have under this sun.




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So my brother was in Cambodia some time back and as it was kind of a once-in-a-life-time opportunity he got a bunch of gifts for upcoming holidays. This past Christmas I got a Mahjong set complete with a very nice box from him.



I like the feeling of the tiles and immediately commenced looking for a coherent set of rules online. (My game didn’t come with any. Maybe every one over there knows how to play, I don’t know.) And not the rules for the solitaire stack them and find a match. Finally found the official rules, here’s a link for those interested http://www.mahjongfederation.com/Chinese-Official-Mahjong-Rules.html

Anyway this got me to thinking, a simple tile laying game would be nice. A good set of wooden tiles and a set of simple rules. (Not at all like Mahjong, whose rules go from complicated to complex and everywhere in between) Maybe a nice small inch or inch and a half tile with an image stamped on it. A simple yet eloquent feel.


Here’s a picture of the dragon tiles, Red, Green, and White.


A closer look at the dragon on the lid.