Welcome to the World of Cardswood

A glorious welcome to those who wish to travel these roads into other worlds. Worlds that are limited by nothing but one’s imagination. Consider Cardswood not merely a mundane world like yours or mine, but a realm of gateways to other worlds.

A gateway is opened each time that certain parcel  is unsealed and cracked open. The fresh smell wafts upwards, the excitement is electric, as the world unfolds before you. You are carried from your world into another, as the door is unlocked.


For those who cannot open the a fore-mentioned gateways, those for whom the doors remain locked. Come to The World of Cardswood, where I hope you will find the gateways opened for you to enter.

Open your eyes and imaginations to worlds beyond your own, and when next that package is opened, delve head long into another world. Limited only by your imagination and may those limits be farther than the horizon…

hillsOkay. For those of you who simply must have more of an explanation I am talking about game playing. Opening up the box is like opening a door to another world if you use your imagination. You could be riding a steam train across Europe; hunting for relics on an island being swallowed by the sea; or seeking galactic domination in the shadow of a past empire.

Twilight Imperium

Twilight Imperium


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